Underground (Pencil)

Underground Finished Pencils Small

This was one of the first serious drawings I’d done on paper in many years. I was still rusty in many ways, though while I was working on it I had a distinct mental breakthrough about my inspirations and goals for making art. In many ways, this drawing was a process of going back to square one, finding the things that motivated me to draw when I was a kid, and embracing them as the foundation for a new era.

Specifically, I was spending a lot of time curating my ’80s Underground Metal playlist. By mentally connecting the albums from that era with what I was putting down on the paper, I found I was energized for drawing in a way that I hadn’t been in a very long time.

As you might guess from the giant logo at the top of the image, this drawing was originally meant to be the cover art for that very underground metal playlist. However, Spotify shrinks its art down to a point that caused this detailed composition to become crowded and difficult to view. So, I decided to create a second image to use instead. This one consequently became a portfolio piece and an indelible marker of my renewed enthusiasm for putting pencil to paper.

Drawing measures 13 x 13 in. Graphite on Bristol pad.

Here’s a detail shot.

Underground Finished Pencils Detail Small

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