Cyber Demon (Pencil)

Earlier this year, I created a piece of cover art for my Cyberpunk Synthwave playlist on Spotify. At the time, I was completely out of practice drawing and I attempted to make the art in Photoshop, which really limits me, both technically and creatively. The end result was serviceable, but I was never excited about it. I decided it was time for a new image.

Enter the cyber demon.


As with the last few drawings I’ve started, I was really pushing myself to create a compelling composition, in this case with the figure. Ideally, if this image were silhouetted, a viewer would still have a strong idea of what the figure was and the composition would be interesting to look at. I was also pushing myself to use more detailed line work to indicate shadows and gray tones.

I struggled a bit with the armor design. I was aiming for a mix of fantasy and cyberpunk themes, though the early designs of the armor felt too much like straight-up fantasy, so I had to rework some things. I’ve created quite a bit more fantasy art in my life than sci-fi art, and I can tell I have a lot of work to do with creating compelling designs with a futuristic flair.

Still, overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Inking it will be a fun challenge.

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