Cyber Demon (Ink)

As I mentioned in the pencil art version of this drawing, I really wanted to create an interesting shape for this figure that could be a compelling and identifiable silhouette. I was looking forward to doing the ink because I knew it would help the figure push against the negative space around it, and I’m mostly happy with the result of the composition.

Cyber Demon Ink 600 copy

I’m a lot less happy with the hatching. As with every piece I’ve started over the past few weeks, I’ve been pushing myself into more ambitious line work for the shading and gray tones. Some of the things I’m doing to indicate shape and shadow are either new for me or just more advanced than what I’ve tried in the past. That reason, combined with the fact that I’m still shaking off the rust from years of not drawing seriously, means there were a lot of areas in this that I think could’ve turned out better.

The main problems involve consistency and planning. There are some noticeable inconsistencies with which tools I’m using to make which types of marks (i.e. brush vs. pen, brush size, etc), and my general lack of discipline about how to approach each area created some muddy spots and contrasting effects that I think are distracting.

Indecision is the bane of all creative endeavors, and the ink on this definitely reveals a mental limbo on my part.

Cyber Demon Ink detail 600

The good news is that this is a personal project and will primarily be seen as playlist cover art, and Spotify shrinks the playlist covers down to the point that my complaints about the ink will be pretty much unnoticeable.

The other good news is that I was simultaneously working on an album cover in the same art style, and I essentially used this as a test run for the new inking approach before attempting to tackle the more complex and important commission. It absolutely helped, and I’m much happier with how the album art turned out. (More info on that coming soon.)

I’m trying to expedite this cyber demon and get it onto my Cyberpunk Synthwave playlist on Spotify as soon as possible, so the color version of this one is already underway.

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