Death by Pancakes (Ink)

Death by Pancakes is a commissioned t-shirt design I created for Champs Diner in Brooklyn, NY. (They have an amazing Instagram account). My goal for the art was to give it an energetic composition and vigorous line work that makes the reaper figure feel fluid and lifelike. Also, the aim was to mimic t-shirts for heavy metal bands, so naturally I chose a font that references one of the best true heavy metal bands of the ’80s. 

champs white logo 500

The reaper is looming hungrily over a plate of funfetti pancakes, and it was a blast creating the contrast between the dark, energetic reaper figure and the oozing funfetti breakfast cakes. 

funfettiThere are two versions of the design, one for a white background and one for a black background. I also designed it to work well with and without the Champs logo.

(At the time of this writing, all of the t-shirts are sold out.)

reaper black no logo 500

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