Everyday 002 – Cyber Chicken

Is there anything better in life than a chicken? They make me laugh just looking at them. There will be plenty of chicken-themed drawings to come in these everydays, and since I’ve been doing a lot of science fiction drawings and working on curating my Cyberpunk Synthwave playlist, it seemed fitting to do a cyber chicken drawing.

cyber chicken 600

This drawing is also an homage to the great Gizmoduck. If you aren’t familiar with his one-wheeled robotic excellence by name, Gizmoduck is the Iron Man of the DuckTales world, created by Gyro Gearloose and worn by Fenton Crackshell like a suit of mechanized armor.


I was in elementary school for the first four years of the now-legendary Disney Afternoon, and I remember walking home from school with my sister in time to plop down on the couch and soak in some colorful cartoons with ridiculously memorable theme songs. (Sure, the DuckTales theme was great, but how about that Darkwing Duck theme? Or the Rescue Rangers one? Those jams were late ‘80s / early ‘90s gold.)

There were plenty of cool characters in those shows, though the Gizmoduck armor was especially exciting and interesting to me when I was young, and it remains one of the most nostalgic parts of my childhood.

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