Everyday 005 – Portrait of a Woman

As with yesterday’s companion piece for this drawing, Portrait of a Man, the aim was to give this woman a demeanor and gaze that is clearly intelligent but not influenced by human emotion. The inspiration for it was a reaction against popular fiction in which androids are indistinguishable from humans, such as replicants in Blade Runner or new model synths in Fallout 4

In a similar way, I find myself bored with the visual aesthetic of modern tech, which is increasingly small, slick, and minimal. Although most current robots aren’t pretending to be anything but what they are (see NASA’s Valkyrie or the SCHAFT robot), it seems logical to predict that as robotic humanoids become increasingly lifelike, the goal will be to keep them smooth, shiny, and ultra-clean from a design standpoint. (That is, until they begin to look like actual humans…)

For these drawings, I instead embraced a retrofuturistic idea of androids. A high number of components and wiring are needed to create the woman’s artificial intelligence, to the point that her entire cranium is composed of dense cybernetics, and hydraulic pistons are needed for basic motor functions.

All that hardware is enough to make her mobile and autonomous, but not enough to make her human.

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing is available for a price equal to its number in the sequence. That means Everyday 005 – Portrait of a Woman is listed at $5.00. Shop for prints and original art here.

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