Everyday 007 – Cellar Door

A late day sun beats down on the ancient stone walls of a ruined bell tower, casting its dense shadow across everything on the other side. Everything, that is, but for a curious light beaming out from the depths of the tower.

An odd place to find life, that building cellar, yet whatever activities take place within it are enough to shatter the darkness in the immediate vicinity of the doorway. Surely something remarkable happens there, even if those events are ultimately swallowed by the gloom beyond the fading daylight and the decrepit remains of what was once a thriving place of congregation.

pen and ink illustration of a ruined bell tower with a lit cellar doorNot precisely sure what inspired Cellar Door, though it was a sunny day when I drew this and the late afternoon sun on the bell tower mirrored my real-life environment, as I sat in my underground studio drawing contentedly away.

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