Everyday 008 – Midsummer

What does an ogre do with his midsummer days? When he’s not clubbing adventurers or chasing down stray goats for an afternoon snack, does he stop to inspect the smaller details of his world? Does he detect the scent of wildflowers on the wind or appreciate the gentle lilt of a butterfly passing by?

pen and ink drawing of an ogre reaching up to touch a butterfly

One of the things I was most excited about with these everyday drawings was to see whether any common themes or ideas emerged. So far, one definitely has. Midsummer is one of several drawings I’ve made recently that depicts traditionally evil or thick-headed fantasy creatures in quiet or introspective moments. Unlike the more intelligent and industrious humans, who are constantly in the process of expanding their cities and seeking new knowledge, I don’t imagine ogres have all that much to keep them occupied. 

In this case, a potbellied ogre sets his club down to inspect an odd little creature passing by, one that appears to be moving under its own power but is so radically different from him it hardly registers as a living thing. 

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing increases in price by one dollar, starting at one dollar on day one. Everyday 008 – Midsummer is listed at $8.00.

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