Everyday 017 – (Fail / Flashback)

Despite making two different versions of today’s drawing (both portraits of a woman), I felt I wasn’t able to make something worth sharing publicly, let alone list for sale. I hoped I wouldn’t have any days like this, but committing myself to a complete drawing everyday is a challenge, and on this day, I simply wasn’t able to make something I was excited about.

Instead, I’ve decided to share a flashback drawing from two or three years ago.

manifest destiny character lawrence helm hold severed head with cyclops skull

If you don’t recognize the content, it ‘s taken from a comic book called Manifest Destiny (published by Image Comics). This drawing references the characters Lawrence Helm and Navath, as well as the main cast below them, which were featured in a specific story arc in the comic. It’s been awhile, but I’m pretty certain it’s the “Sasquatch” storyline (collected in vol. 4 of the trades). I haven’t done many pieces of straight up fan art in my life, but at the time I was extremely excited about this comic and wanted to show some love for it.

Unlike all of my other art on this blog, this drawing was done digitally.  A fun thing with working digitally is that it allows me to do a lot more with white lines over black areas than I could do easily on paper. Also, this would be a pretty large drawing if it was on paper, but it fits neatly onto my hard drive without any clutter!

(Apologies for the lack of an everyday today, I promise they will be back tomorrow.)

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing increases in price by $1.00, starting at $1.00 on day one.

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