Everyday 020 – Mankind Offering the Head of the Savior

There was only one thing the demon world asked for: the head of the human savior. A simple enough request, but one that some humans would react fiercely against. Fortunately, plenty of mortals were less concerned with superstition than they were with the physical pleasures of the real world, pleasures which the demons offered in abundance. On this day, a pact was made between two parties and revelry ensued.

A human man offers the head of the savior to a bird faun demon woman

Medieval painters often chose to depict demons as a sort of humanoid animal, which seemed awkward and not nearly “metal” enough to me when I was younger but has become much more intriguing to me in my adult life. Mankind Offering the Head of the Savior is an homage to those old paintings, with one piece of art in particular serving as visual inspiration.

I also enjoy how artists from those centuries always had a story behind their artwork. Even if it wasn’t explicitly biblical, there were themes of religion, superstition, and fear, and that’s certainly something I embrace with my art and want to really expand on in future everydays.

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing increases in price by $1.00, starting at $1.00 on day one. Everyday 020 – Mankind Offering the Head of the Savior is listed at $20.00.

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