Everyday 022 – Glass Pumpkin

The first video game in life that I was fully addicted to (to the point that I would think about it any time I wasn’t playing it) was Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen on the Super Nintendo. I was 12 when it was released in the US, and it captured my imagination in a way that nothing else before it had. I loved finding and recruiting all the odd and unusual characters in that game, and I was particularly fond of Deneb the witch and her pumpkinheads.

drawing of Deneb and two pumpkinheads from ogre battle standing

The pumpkinheads were these cute but shambling, corpse-like creatures. To attack, they would remove their jack-o-lantern heads and dropkick them up into the air, at which point they would come crashing down on opponents at several times their original size.

pumpkinhead attack from ogre battle march of the black queen

Deneb, initially an enemy of the player’s army, had apparently been taking villagers from the surrounding areas and turning them into these pumpkin corpses in her headquarters, and there’s a moral choice to make in the game about whether or not to let her live. If forgiven, Deneb joins the player’s army and a new subquest opens up that allows the player to obtain from Deneb a special item called a Glass Pumpkin.

portrait of Deneb the witch from ogre battle march of the black queen

It was one of my favorite parts of the game, and Deneb and her pumpkinheads have always stuck with me. Glass Pumpkin is a one-off tribute to that prominent piece of my childhood.

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing increases in price by $1.00, starting at $1.00 on day one. Everyday 022 – Glass Pumpkin is listed at $22.00.

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