Everyday 033 – Azazel

The bearer of human guilt, Azazel was once burdened by mortals’ indifference to the suffering he endured in their name. Now, infused with the overwhelming sin of the industrial post-reality, Azazel chooses to channel his burden outward into the earth itself. Rooted to the land through powerful cyborganic implants, Azazel embraces the abundant violence and chaos around him, allowing them to feed his appetite for human greed and selfishness to ensure he never weakens again.   

drawing of two goat men and a cyborganic demon head with a large sword

This cyborganic Azazel was inspired by the biblical stories of the scapegoat, in which humans placed their sins on a goat and sent him into the wilderness to relieve themselves of their own guilt. Azazel is also sometimes referred to in the bible as a fallen angel, so I allowed those ideas to percolate within the context of this cyborganic surreality I’ve been building and put my own spin on them. 

To me, the story of the scapegoat is reflective of a human tendency to avoid all personal responsibility and pass the blame onto others, even when it causes unnecessary suffering. With that in mind, this version of Azazel is very much a fallen angel: a vengeful former protector of the people who has become bound to the earth through his corrupted desire to see humans suffer.

My everyday drawings are available for sale in my Big Cartel shop each morning at 11 am EST. For the first 100 days, each new drawing increases in price by $1.00, starting at $1.00 on day one. Everyday 033 – Azazel is listed at $33.00.

As with the past few days, I’ve uploaded a timelapse video of the inking process for Azazel to my YouTube channel. Take a look for a little insight into the process of making this one. 

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