Everyday 040 – Lady of Neptune

Many great gods of the outer reaches slumbered through the human era, that brief but calamitous period occupying the final days of Earth. So it was with the Lady of Neptune, quietly waiting beneath dense layers of ice and rock and resting to the sounds of the ferocious ice storms above her. Yet the human industrial rift not only tore open the fabric of time, but collapsed the distance between planets and their inhabitants. Now, the Lady of Neptune wakes and stalks the post-reality.

ink drawing of aliens and naked woman with long tongue in outer space hell

Unlike yesterday’s drawing, which I felt had some personal aspects to it, Lady of Neptune is purely a slice of science fiction. When I was a kid there was a real magic to the other planets in our solar system. Each one seemed so unique and frightening in its own way. I’ve been reconnecting lately with some of that feeling while reading about Neptune.

There are a few interesting things about Neptune, including the fact that it has 14 moons and active weather patterns that include the fastest winds and one of the coldest atmospheres in the entire solar system. Considering how little is still known about it, including the compound that gives its cloud cover its distinctive blue haze, Neptune seemed a fitting home for this monstrous creature. 

As usual, there are strong influences in this one from HR Giger and comic books, though it’s free of the industrial machinery that most of my other recent drawings have had (explained of course by this creature’s origins on another planet.)

Visually, I wanted to utilize a lot repetition on this one. I tried to contrast the long lines of the arms and the tooth-like ribs with the glowing circles of each creature’s eye in order to generate tension and movement. This is also one of the very few drawings I can remember ever making that had this type of circular, swirl-like composition, which was actually far more satisfying than I expected. 

On a side note, I believe the Lady of Neptune will be the last of these Everyday Drawings that I’ve been doing. I will continue the series on this size paper with similar content and style, but they will be less frequent to allow me to focus on larger drawings and color pieces going forward.

Also, the part of this project that involved pricing will change, and in about a week all drawings still in the Big Cartel store will be jumped to full price. I’ll explain more in the near future with Part 2 of How a 100 Day Project Revived My Creativity. In the meanwhile, this is the last opportunity to grab these drawings at their current ultra-low price.

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