Life Supporting Machine

Humans created machines to support them in all aspects of daily life. Perhaps most significantly, they relied on them to extend their lives, creating an artificial extension of the hours given them by the gods. In the post-reality, the relationship between flesh and machine reversed, and the organic life within humans became a source of raw energy for their non-sentient counterparts. Life supporting machine became the new order.

surrealist ink drawing of an old man head hooked to life supporting machines

The name Life Supporting Machine is meant to be a play on words that can be read two ways. In one way, it’s the same as life support in which the machine is the support structure, a “life-supporting machine.” In the other, life supports machines instead.

As usual, the drawing is a retrofuturistic take on technology, imagining a world before high technology in which industrial machinery has become fused with living creatures in a surrealist, post-apocalyptic world.

Like Dream of Wires, this drawing has some visual references to the tubes and wires of life support machines and hospital equipment, which is a sort of subconscious exploration of my interest our meaty dependency on machines to keep us alive through serious illness. I’d prefer not to let themes of death and illness become the primary focus of these cyborganic drawings, but I feel they fit well within the scope of this nightmarish post-reality I’m building.

The original drawing of Life Supporting Machine is available today in my Big Cartel store. Use the button below to shop for this and other artwork. 

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