All living creatures endured immortality in the cyborganic post-reality, and as a result, the ability to reproduce was simply snipped out of the universe. This did not stop living entities from mimicking the relationships they once had, though the relationships took on unusual new dynamics.  

A former childbearer refused to let go of her motherly instincts, joining with one man after another in an attempt to create new life. As each of those attempts failed, she took the head of her partner as a reminder of the time she shared with him, using his flesh to expand and alter her form within the new world.

This inability to reproduce left her desperate to replace the young human children she once had, and so she instead cultivated a familial relationship with the cyplopean mutants that inhabited the rift, those odd, tentacled creatures that were, in fact, the adult sons of the new cyborganic gods.

Now that I’m settling into a specific style and a type of content for these drawings, it feels like the next logical step for me is to expand the lore behind the art and create a well-realized mythological realm. Ideally, I could have recurring ideas and figures whose actions relate to one another. 

My desire to create this form of storytelling is no doubt rooted in my love for comic books, though I’ve always felt the literal, sequential nature of comics would be restrictive in building a world that is rooted in my subconscious imagination. Creating art in this way, through standalone images that connect with others in a series while writing the text separately, feels like a more natural and exciting option for the stories I’m interested in telling.

Going forward, expect to see longer and more detailed bits of lore as well as more consistent ideas that connect separate drawings.  

My original art and prints, including the original drawing of Lifegiver, are available in my Big Cartel store.

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