A self-described cyborganic surrealist, Iron Skullet creates nightmarish images of flesh fused to industrial machinery and injects them with a flair for comic book art.

Iron’s creative process is rooted in semi-automatic drawing, meaning that each piece is composed on the page without practice sketches. This direct approach means the imagery in Iron’s subconscious mind can reach the page quickly, allowing his influences from metal and industrial music, surrealism, B horror movies, and absurdist art from zines and other counterculture to mingle freely in the final image. 

portrait 500

Iron’s love of the macabre has made his art sought after by rock and metal bands as well as private collectors. A native of Colorado, Iron Skullet earned a BFA in painting from the University of Colorado at Boulder and produces his work in the Denver area. 

Iron is also extremely passionate about music. After playing in a punk and metal band in and around Denver in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, he shifted his attention to a broader range of music, deeply exploring old school metal, dark electro and futurepop, chiptune, synthwave, and dungeon synth. Iron Skullet tracks his listening stats on Last.fm and manages several popular playlists on Spotify. He also maintains a music blog on ironskullet.com where he writes reviews and genre articles for synthwave and related music styles.