My Story

My name is Preston Cram. I’m a lifelong fan of true heavy metal, and my artist name Iron Skullet is meant as a loving lampoon and tribute to the bands I grew up listening to. I’ve also been playing video games since before I can remember and collecting comic books (5,500 and counting) since I was nine. My art focuses on themes of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, and frequently contains influences from heavy metal, video games, and comic books.

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I create art for people who love to mentally and emotionally tap into fictional realms, whether the goal is to feel frightened, to feel a sense of adventure, or simply to take a break from the rigors of daily life for a few moments. When I draw, the people and places I create feel real to me, and my hope is that you as the viewer are able to experience that feeling when you look at my artwork.

I first started drawing before I was old enough to know I was doing it. As soon as my hands could hold onto a crayon, I began using it to mark up nearby surfaces. My parents weren’t always happy about the objects I decided to draw on, but they graciously provided me with stacks of printing paper to use instead of their walls and furniture.

I also picked up a guitar in middle school and played for many years, forming a punk / metal band with friends in high school and playing shows in and around Denver in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. I no longer play guitar, though I remain extremely passionate about music. Metal music, especially recordings in the style of albums released between 1980 and 1992, remain a prominent influence on my artwork. Other genres I enjoy include dark electro, futurepop, chiptune, synthwave, and dungeon synth.

Any time I am drawing, I am also listening to music. I track my listening stats on and manage several popular playlists on Spotify. In addition, I maintain a music blog on where I write reviews and genre articles for synthwave and related music styles.

I hold a fine arts degree in painting, which I obtained from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Although I’ve always been drawing, I recently spent a period of several years maintaining a very casual relationship with my art. I began drawing seriously again in the summer of 2018, working to build a fresh portfolio and establish new techniques and a new art style for myself. I committed myself to creating daily drawings at the start of 2019.

Thanks for joining me on my art journey. Check out my art blog and gallery to see what I’m currently working on, shop for prints and original art in my Big Cartel store, and get in touch with me on my contact page.